Chef Fabrizio Bazzani 

Chiante Il Ristorante

Cooking is truly a lifetime passion for culinary artist Fabrizio Bazzani, Executive Chef at Chianti Il Ristorante. He was born in Isola della Scala, Italy, and grew up between Bovolone and Bardolino, where he spent most of his time in the kitchen with his Mamma Mara and Grandma Afra as they cooked homemade meals every day. As a child, Fabrizio came to cultivate the idea that cooking is an expression of love. It was at restaurants such as Prego and Tuttomare that Fabrizio began to develop his unique style with the guidance of chefs Alberto Morello, Marcello Apollonio, and Enrique Perez. While living and cooking on the West Coast he met David Zecchini in 1998. Soon after, David invited Fabrizio and his family to travel to Saratoga Springs to join the team at Chianti Il Ristorante as Executive Chef. Fabrizio views his position as a great responsibility and honor to use his skills to trigger guests’ sensory experiences. He describes cooking as an exercise of equilibrium; a delicate balance of the flavors, visual arrangement of colors and shapes, and the extensive research required in finding the perfect ingredient. Although far from where he originally started, Fabrizio still attributes the Italian traditions of meticulous food preparation and learning the science behind food to be the base of his success as a chef.

Chef Brian Bowden

Sperry's Restaurant

Chef Vivian Brammer

Saratoga National Golf Club

But People call me: Viv
Position/Title: Executive Sous/ Pastry Chef
I’m originally From: Staten Island, NY
My endless supply of food would be : Medium Rare Mushroom Cheeseburger
My Food nemesis is: Canned Fish
I’ve been with the company (length of time): 8 years
If money were no object, Id travel to: France
Who would you like to cook for ( name celebrity) : My dad one
last time and Clint Eastwood


Chef Patrick Curley

Independent Chef

Ever since I was a little boy watching my grandmother cook a traditional italian dinner for twenty plus people, I have had the passion for cooking. As I grew older I began to understand flavors, technique, and most importantly, to further develop my passion for providing outstanding service with an exceptional experience.  Pat has spent the past ten years working in some of the finest kitchens in North Carolina and Upstate New including Pembroke’s Of Wilmington, Dockside Restaurant and Marina, Aperitivo in Schenectady, Roccos of Johnesville and now Pat works as a member of the Bellini's Family. After spending time in North Carolina working with Chef James Doss, Scott Grimm, and Erin Wiley and building his passion for farm to table cuisine, he decided to return home to New York and show this great upstate region his southern hospitality. One thing the culinary profession has taught him is that you never quit, trust your brigade, and always strive for perfection, everyday is a NEW day.

Chef AJ Jayapal

Executive Chef of Swifty's Restaurant Group/ Owner/Operator Miss Sydney's Secret Recipes

Chef Anand Jayapal’s recipe for a great kitchen is “spontaneous cookery dictated by instinct.”  Chef Jayapal, or “A.J.” as everyone calls him, possesses a strong and admirable work ethic that has helped him to develop confidence and professionalism in and out of the kitchen. Chef A.J. has received numerous awards in various competitions locally, nationally and internationally.  A.J. has received exceptional experience by working such events as the James Beard Foundation Awards and Annual Chef and Champagne.  He has had the privilege of working with prominent area culinarians as well as internationally known chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Jacques Pepin. While working with accomplished chefs is an honor for him, nothing gives him greater pleasure then to use his knowledge to benefit others.  He takes pleasure in giving culinary demonstrations and donating his time to charitable organizations such as the NFL Alumni Golf, Living Resource, and the Double H Ranch to name a few.  Giving back to the community is “both rewarding and essential” to him. 

Chef A.J. has also taken the initiative to create his own line of sauces- Miss Sydney’s Secret Family Recipes, LLC.  He is working with his family to “create the next new condiment.”  The formation of this company as a family owned and operated business is a life long dream for A.J. and the start of a new chapter in his culinary career. Through his company, he got to know the Agriculture & Markets NYS Pride Program which promotes NYS manufactured goods as well as NYS farming.  Upon their request, A.J., along with other NYS Pride members, journeyed to Cuba to introduce NYS food products to Cuban dignitaries.  “It was an honor to represent NYS farmers and Pride members on this incredible trip.  What better way to bring people together then through wonderful food!”  Through that experience, he was brought on as a consultant for the New York State Fair.  He created menus, hired staff, coordinated food purchases and helped to prepare for the arrival and set up demonstrations for such TV personalities as Bobby Flay, Adam Richman and Mario Batali.  Currently, he has taken on the position as executive chef for Swifty’s Restaurant Group.  “It’s great to work with such a tight knit family and to see that they hold the same values that I have for my own family.”

Ella Golding Montelone, Baker & Cake Designer

Butter & Sugar Company

Pastry Chef Jennifer Gates

Putnam Market

Former owner of Cake Placid in Lake Placid and Ballston Spa, NY. Attended the CIA in Hyde Park for Baking and Pastry Arts. 20 years in the industry.



Chef Tracey Kwiecien

Angelo's Bar & Grill

Position/Title: Executive Chef
My Mazzone property: Angelos Prime Bar and Grill
I'm originally from: New Jersey
My endless supply of food would be: Sushi
My food nemesis is: Butternut Squash
I've been with the company (length of time): 5 years
If money were no object, I'd travel to: Europe
I'd love to party with: Chelsea Handler

Chef Danny Petrosino

Osteria Danny

Chef Jeffrey Rayno

Fish at 30 Lake

Q: What have you done and where have you been? A: I started working in the kitchen at 18, a few years later I found myself enrolling in the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). Shortly after I graduated I moved to Hawaii where I really started to grow and advance in my career as a chef. In Maui I began at The Ritz Carlton Kapalua as an entry level cook, within 2 years I moved through the ranks and was promoted to Hotel Saucier. Eighteen months later I was promoted to Club Chef. From there I left the Ritz and started at Pineapple Grill Kapalua as a Sous Chef. Next I moved on to Chef de Cuisine at the Sheraton Resort on Kaanapali Beach. After Eight years in Maui I moved back to New York to be closer to my family. Q: When you're not in the kitchen ... I love playing with my kids whenever possible, they are what drives me to excel. I love to cook for my friends and family. I have a love and passion for food and togetherness. Watching family and friends come together by simply cooking a thoughtful and flavorful meal is what makes me smile. I enjoy the Adirondacks, relaxing on the shore of a mountain lake is just as tranquil as the beach. Q: Favorite thing to eat? A: Properly cooked pizza, yes properly cooked. Q: Favorite thing to cook? A: Everything, but if I were to choose just one it would be home made pasta, sauce, and bread. Everything from scratch just like my grandfather taught us.

Chef Scott Ringwood

Chef/Owner, Lake Ridge Restaurant

It started with a love of cars, speed and racing.  The cost of this passion led Chef Scott to his first job as a dishwasher in a restaurant his mother worked. Food, the culinary profession and cars have been coexisting in his life ever since. As time moves on his exuberance for both only grows.

Chef quickly learned his culinary skills by watching and experimenting, by reading and studying. He is a self- taught chef of over 35 years. And with his willingness to jump into anything new he has gained the experience to run the successful Lake Ridge Restaurant for the past fifteen years. 
At the Lake Ridge he has become known for his sauces. Chef Scott continues to make his own demiglace, every sauce and dressing is made from scratch with chef’s recipes.

Chef Scott’s current endeavor is the Dunning Street Station. A causal bar and grill concept offers the lighter side of Chef’s culinary delights. Here he offers big burgers, fries, bar bites and plenty of beer and wine. Hospitality is a big part of his character. Chef is always strives for the best dining experience he can create for his guests.

Chef Jason Saunders

Prime at Saratoga National

Full Name: Jason Saunders
But People call me: Howdy, Jay
Position/Title: Executive Chef
I’m originally From: Mechanicville, NY
My endless supply of food would be : Pepperoni pizza
My Food nemesis is: cottage cheese
I’ve been with the company (length of time): 16 years
If money were no object, Id travel to: Ireland
Who would you like to cook for ( name celebrity) : Nicholas Cage

Chef Frank Tardio

Angelo's Tavolo

Full Name: Frank Anthony Tardio, Jr.
But People call me: Frankle, Trouty, Little guy, Moose, Gooch
Position/Title: Executive Chef
I’m originally From: Born, Albany, NY;  Raised, Guilderland
My endless supply of food would be: Oysters, pizza, and pasta
My Food nemesis is: Peanut butter
I’ve been with the company (length of time): 20 years
If money were no object, Id travel to: Europe, Cali, and Nantucket
Who would you like to cook for ( name celebrity): Would love to cook for my dad one more time